The Startup Culture of South Africa – Innovative & Progressive

When the term startup culture crosses our mind, our mind as if like a magnet gravitates towards Silicon Valley. Undoubtedly the Valley and other cities in the US are incubators for budding entrepreneurs, but there are many other countries whose reputation for innovation is on the rise and South Africa is slowly but steadily climbing the list.

Held back by apartheid for centuries, South Africa post the abolition has sprung back fast enough and in the pursuit of modernization has become the only country where women equally match men in the number of new businesses created. Many of these businesses are budding startups leveraging emerging technologies as South Africa has become an ideal place for it and there are quite a few reasons for it –

  • The barriers to the entry are low enough for a company to bring in new software to the market and become profitable quickly.
  • South Africa’s robust pool of workers coupled with its favorable exchange rates creates a favorable situation for foreign investment in tech ventures.

Having earned the nickname ‘The Silicon Cape’ or ‘The Digital Gateway To Africa’, Cape Town is house to more startups than the rest of South Africa. Solidifying the city’s reputation as a spice ripe for professional growth is the fact that about 75% of the VCs are based in the Town.

Being the most populous area in South Africa, Cape Town is also home to incubators and other great initiatives that boost startup potential. Also, it is home to top universities churning out well-educated individuals who in the long run become the catalyst for innovation. Another reason that adds to the popularity of Cape Town among smart young professionals is the atmosphere – the beauty of the city and its culture.

Heard about the startup affect?

Startups beget startups. Once startups crop up at some place it attracts other startups and thus the startup affect. People working for startups often get bit by the entrepreneur bug and start their own business which in turn attracts investors and other resources leading to organic growth and competition for which Cape Town’s government is accommodating.

The proof lies with the successful ventures

The innovative culture of South Africa has given birth to many more successful startups that can be mentioned here but to name a few

  • Luno
  • Delvv
  • Domestic
  • Giraffe
  • iKhokha
  • LifeQ
  • M4Jam
  • OfferZen
  • RainFin
  • SweepSouth
  • Snapt
  • TaxTim
  • ThisIsMe
  • WeFix
  • Zoona
  • Recommend
  • EM Guidance
  • Aviro Health
  • Haystack
  • Flutter waves
  • Kobo360
  • CowryWise
  • HailerThe Silicon Cape isn’t much like the Valley yet but undeniably is off to an impressive start.


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