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Meddy builds a bridge between trusted doctors and patients

Have you ever been to a family gathering where somebody started a discussion about a good doctor to recommend? Abdulla AlKhenji and Haris Aghadi were like many other people part of such discussions and that’s how they came up with the idea of Meddy, an online platform that connects patients to doctors.


Launched in September 2014, this Qatar-based startup is been recognized in several occasions. In October 2016 they won the first prize at ArabNet Startup Demo Competition in Kuwait and more recently an award for a Startup of the Year at Qatar Enterprise Agility Awards 2016. This can’t be just a pure luck, right?





In a complex world, simplicity is a king


Meddy is only available on the web at the moment, but the team is in the process of finalizing the app, which will be available on the Apple store soon.


The service sorts the doctors based on several factors, such as popularity, patient recommendations, and number of recent online booking requests made.


The website interface is easy to use. People can go to, choose a specialty, and select one of their top doctors. They can also filter the results further by selecting gender, doctor education, location, and other factors.

The team. (Images via Meddy)


The people running the show


Everyone is a full-time member: Haris Aghadi is the CEO and co-founder running the show. He designs products and studies their market fit.


They have their lead designer who develops mockups to check user experience. The designs and mockups are then taken to the whole team for alpha-testing, then for their testing group for beta testing. Then they get passed to the developers that their CTO Abdulla AlKhenji is leading for development.


AlKhenji’s job is to find the best method of implementing these features or products. He and Aghadi are also involved with a lot of things, such as growing the team, sales, and resolving issues they are facing every day.


Speaking of Meddy’s competition, there are some competitors in the Middle East such as Doctoruna, which is available both as an online platform and mobile application.


This free service allows patients to search for doctors and dentists, book appointments online and send inquiries. Some of the features are patients’ reviews and ratings, booking appointments 24/7, receiving mobile notifications for all appointments, and getting directions to the doctor through a detailed map.


Putting action into words


Meddy gets around 35,000 to 45,000 patient visits every month, according to AlKhenji. Meddy has data on 2000 doctors from 250 clinics. They started monetizing and selling premium profiles earlier this year, and according to the founders their month-over-month growth is about 50 percent.


Meddy relies strongly on search engine optimization (SEO) to attract patients to their website, and they get around 70 percent of their patients from it.

“We create free profiles for all the doctors in Qatar,” AlKhenji clarified. “The ones who pay a monthly subscription get a premium profile where they get to add additional information about them along with booking request feature and analytics.”


At this time, they are targeting private clinics and medical centers, because public hospitals already have lot of patients, he said. “We target the private sector where doctors and private clinics want to attract new patients to grow their business and improve their credibility by getting patient reviews.”


Meddy is currently focused on Qatar, and looking to expand to some GCC countries soon and the MENA region as well. The team raised the seed round earlier this year of $250.000 from Qatar Science and Technology Park and looking to raise a series A now to expand.


“Every entrepreneur feels like a hero and tries to solve all the problems in the world, especially technopreneurs who want to solve all the problems with technology,” AlKhenji concluded. “It is very good for a startup to have a clear vision, and focus its power on solving the problem,” he added.


Featured image via Pexels.



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