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Ghana Start Ups, a platform that allows users to rent, buy and sell properties in Ghana was founded in 2013 by Kelvin Nyame, Rashad Seini and Kofi Amuasi. All three founders are graduates of the tech entrepreneurship training program at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MELT) in Accra, Ghana. Data from SimilarWeb listed as having a 20% share of Ghana’s total monthly visits (which makes this website one of our top startups in Africa) for August, 2018; a testament to how well the founding team’s initiative has been embraced by real estate agents, developers as well as Ghana’s house hunters. As is the case across the African continent, house hunting to buy or rent in Ghana has traditionally been impaired by the limited availability of organised, online platforms providing a simple search experience for potential tenants and buyers. provides this welcome search experience in tandem with providing a free service for real estate professionals and homeowners to list their properties. Think Zoopla, or Zillow and one can see the direction is heading. Following a MOU signed in December 2014, MeQasa is developing a central real estate property database in partnership with the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA). In October 2015, the online real estate classifieds company announced a USD 500,000 seed capital from Frontier Digital Ventures, a global venture capital firm headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Frontier Digital Ventures is in their own words, “…focused on becoming the world leader in online classifieds businesses in frontier markets. We are experts in the online classifieds space with a particular focus on property and automotive verticals and general classifieds websites…” On the 27th of June 2018, MeQasa launched two apps, the ‘MeQasa Agent App’ and the ‘MeQasa Seeker App’. plans to expand to other African countries in the future.  


  OutLoud.Studio, based in Accra, Ghana, is a design studio founded in 2018 with Deborah Sedem Nyamuame, a California School of Arts graduate who also serves as the Studio’s Creative Director. OutLoud is a small conglomerate of young talent featuring a Copywriter, Photographer, Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer and Video Editor. Despite operating in an arena with many suitors, OutLoud demands to be in Ghana’s ‘startups to watch’ discussion primarily due to their notably dynamic and professional nature, embellished with youthful gusto. It would be fair to say they are challenging the way design in general is approached in Ghana. Leaving little room for ambiguity, OutLoud.Studio through their website go to great lengths to ensure potential clients know how to make the best use of their wide range of services and what to expect. OutLoud.Studio’s social media presence across most of the major platforms is demonstrative of their commendable Social Media Management abilities. The studio provides the standard Graphic & Web Design, Digital Marketing Content & Strategy, Marketing & Branding Strategy as well as PR Event Coordination. Worth a mention, is their internally curated Soundcloud, ‘productivity’ playlists; an interesting concept for a design studio.  


  Launched on the 28th of July 2017 as a solution to the problems faced by MSMEs in sourcing merchandise from overseas suppliers; Eazyloop is a self-funded automated shipping service helping individuals and businesses ship merchandise from the USA to Ghana at an affordable rate. Eazyloop users can shop at US online stores like Amazon, Macys, Walmart etc. and get their package(s) delivered right to their doorstep; a feat made possible via a strategic partnership with a US-based warehousing and air-freight company. Previously, customers had to depend on friends and relatives in the US to receive and then ship or deliver their packages, potentially inconveniencing their kinfolks in an arrangement which is open to multiple delays and is probably frustrating for both parties. A major convenience offered by Eazyloop is that customers can expect delivery of all packages from the US to Ghana within a maximum of 14 days and the ability for customers to buy and then consolidate their packages over a 30-day period for reduced shipping fees. Eazyloop charges shipping fees plus, per day fees for storage in their Ghana warehouse beyond an initial free 30-day period. The company has been performing well, quickly attaining product-market fit; it is now at the scaling stage and looking to add ocean freight to its offering as well as expanding its origin countries.



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